“I learned some very intense training skills that are applicable in everyday situations. The most practical training available.”

James Z.


“The drills and classroom instruction was very informative, fun, and realistic. The instructor kept our full attention at all times. I would definitely recommend their courses.”

Howard J.


“Would recommend the courses and instructors to anyone in the industry. The experience I received will benefit me in the long run and is an awesome stepping stone for my future goals.”

Frank Z.

General Security


“The instructors at Officer Development Training Center provided me with the skills I need to perform at a high level. I highly recommend their training!”
– Tara S.

“The atmosphere at ODTC is amazing, the instructors really promote a supportive atmosphere and are very professional.”
– Simon C.

“The courses offered are of the highest caliber taught by instructors who are very passionate about the programs. They make sure that every student understands the content and skills.”
– Jen W.

“No bad things to say about ODTC, they are top notch at every corner and truly take care of their students.”
– Jeff G.

Achieve Peace of Mind

A multitude of training solutions are available with the Officer Development Training Center. Let us find a custom solution for your training needs.