Shannon Vick
Shannon VickSelf Defense Instructor & Founder of Iron Fist Fitness
Shannon Vick is one of our Self Defense instructors teaching Kickboxing and is a certified Street Smart Defender Instructor. Shannon is also Co-Founder of Street Survival Systems, LLC. Shannon developed Iron Fist Fitness, LLC in 2014 to help individuals transform from within. His philosophy is transforming the mind so you can transform the body. Shannon specializes in weight loss management, building lean muscle mass, core stability and self-defense training. He has trained UFC Fighter Anthony Pettis, D1 basketball stars from The Clemson Tigers Gabe Devoe as well as Kent State basketball player Jerrelle Dewberry as well as current UFC Fighters. Shannon is a Group Fitness Instructor as well, designing the “Kick Fit” program incorporating the 3 in 1 method which utilizes Interval, Cardio Kickboxing and Core Stability. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, art, listening to music & watching The Packers. Shannon studies a variety of Martial Arts, training in Muay Thai, Escrima & Jiu-Jitsu.

Phone: 414.719.7177