Dave Young
Dave YoungInstructor
Dave Young is the founder and director of ARMA Training and is responsible for training thousands of police, corrections and military instructors around the world every year on surviving force-on-force attacks. Young is also the co-founder of Vistelar, having graduated from his first law enforcement academy in 1985, and has more than 30 years of combined civilian and military law enforcement experience and training. Young has served as a loss-prevention specialist, a shoplifting agent in the state of California, a sworn corrections and law enforcement officer in the state of Florida, a gate sentry, a patrol officer, a watch commander, a special investigator, a Special Reaction Team (SRT) member and a Leader and Commander in the United States Marine Corps with multiple deployments. Young has participated in and trained military and law enforcement personnel in crowd management operations, active shooter response and the deployment of non-lethal and lethal weapons and is recognized as one of the nation’s leading defensive tactics instructors, specializing in how to manage conflict throughout the entire spectrum of human interaction. Young is able to use this experience in real-world events to bring a level of training unmatched by others and prepares his students for the real-world threats.

Young is a weapons designer, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Chairman of the Policeone.com Advisory Board, a member of the Police Magazine advisory board and a Technical Advisory Board member for the Force Science Research Center. Young has been featured in national publications and magazines for his innovation and dedication to officer survival and personal safety and awareness and has been a spokesperson and consultant with CNN and Fox World News on officer survival and equipment safety. Young is also the founder and director of US Fighting Systems, responsible for the training and certifications of Grandmasters, Masters and instructors for martial arts schools around the country. Young is an active member of several professional organizations, not limited to International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (IALEFI).

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