SIU Support Services

Genesis Group will simplify your bilingual investigations with faster turnaround times and more accurate findings. As one of the few risk management firms providing Spanish-speaking investigators, we work for you to root out discrepancies within a witness statement through direct communication with the claimant.


Concerned about employee theft or other breaches in workplace security? These types of incidents affect more than short-term profitability. They can irreparably harm your business objectives, reputation and ultimately the enterprise itself.

Claims Investigations

When a claim is filed, you can’t afford to compromise on the investigation of details, clear communication, access to case updates, or translation barriers. Genesis Group is your trusted partner for unmatched SIU support services.

Integrity Interviews

Our Integrity Interview (or Behavior Analysis Interview) follows a highly structured, non-accusatory format designed to identify whether or not a person is telling the truth or withholding relevant information concerning a specific crime or wrongful act.

Counter Surveillance

Genesis Group provides expertise in the detection of, and protection from, all forms of electronic eavesdropping. Our counter surveillance services considerably mitigate the risk of loss of your most important business information through espionage.

Data Investigations

From expert analysts to advanced information gathering and verification, you can trust the professionals at Genesis Group to dig deep for details others often miss.

General Investigations

No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, every aspect is important. From infidelity, civil and domestic investigations to mission-critical surveillance, Genesis Group is focused on delivering discreet, timely results.

Coverage Area

Genesis Group is your one-stop-solution for investigative risk management within the Midwest. With full service investigations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa and Spanish translation investigators available in Wisconsin and Illinois, Genesis Group is your specialized investigation partner.

Achieve Peace of Mind

A multitude of security solutions are available with Genesis Security. Let us find a custom solution for your safety needs.