“Genesis Group have been providing our staff with investigative services that are unmatched. They are always available when we need them . I recommend their services to everyone in the industry.”


Senior Claims Manager

“I have been using Genesis Group for a while and they are always willing to go the extra mile. Their experience in the industry has made them our first choice!”


Claims Examiner

“I have used Genesis Group on many cases for a number of years. I have always been very satisfied in the quality of their work, their prompt contacts with updates and their investigations. I have the utmost confidence in them and can recommend them without hesitation. They are among the finest people I’ve worked with in this business.”


Claims Representative


“The attention they put into each case assigned is unmatched!”
– Bob Z.

“My team can always count on Genesis Group to provide the most reliable source for translation services.”
– Nancy J.

“When I give them a case, I know it will be handled with the utmost respect and superior service.”
– Karen H.

“Genesis Group is always on top of the trend with technology and all my cases are available 24 hours a day at my fingertips.”
– Dave S.

Achieve Peace of Mind

A multitude of investigative solutions are available with Genesis Group. Let us find a custom solution for your investigation needs.