“Central Protective Services’ professionalism and service are clearly unmatched in the industry. We use CPS’s public safety and protective services for our 680 units located throughout Metro Milwaukee. I can honestly say that we’ve seen a decrease in nuisance and criminal activity, and the level of service is above and beyond what we received from numerous other security companies.”

Amy Turim

Business Manager, Jomela Property Management

“No other security firm has displayed as high a commitment to duties as CPS. CPS has provided security and public safety for Harbor Pointe Apartments for the past seven years. Their professionalism and commitment to performing assigned duties is always above expectations. The officers show a genuine concern for our residents’ safety and property conditions. Whether a light is out or a garage door is left open at one of our 596 units, it’s reported to me in a detailed shift report which is emailed the next day. We feel CPS is the best local security company and strongly recommend them.

Gary Pearson

Regional Manager, Harbor Pointe Apartments

“The officers are always professional, detailed, diligent and thorough. I highly recommend Central Protective Services. We are always provided with well documented feedback. I have direct contact with officers and supervisors. Even during the day, when we don’t have a security presence, I can always call in an emergency and receive service within minutes.” 

Gregory C. Dayton

Property Manager, 28 West Apartments


“CPS acts as a liaison with local law enforcement on a daily basis. Over the years, WaterStone Bank has acquired many properties consisting of hundreds of rental units. CPS provides security at several of the properties that have had the most occurrences involving disturbances, tenant related security issues, tenant building code and lease violations, criminal activity and more. Since contracting them, CPS has provided squad and foot patrol, tenant interaction and intervention, and response to criminal activity. They consistently provide immediate response to our concerns and our property managers’ requests. Written reports are thorough and precise. We highly recommend CPS to any company requiring a security company for patrol and incident response.”
–  Leroy Shaw, Security Director, WaterStone Bank

We appreciate their ability to resolve issues quickly and professionally. We have used Central Protective Services for over three years to handle tenant and safety issues at numerous buildings that we manage. The staff is polite and they truly listen to our needs. I have personally witnessed their performance with unruly tenants. CPS was able to neutralize the situation and resolve the issue without incident. We highly recommend CPS to provide security to any property manager.”
– Robert W. Flessas, Operations Director, General Counsel, Hermosa Management

We can honestly say that the level of service we receive from Central Protective Services is above and beyond what we have used in the past and we have been extremely happy with their performance. We have used multiple other security companies, and find that Central Protective Services is simply the best, and Central Protective Services follows through in all matters they address.
– Scott Lurie, F Street Properties

It truly goes without saying that the professionalism they display and service they provide is clearly unmatched in the industry. They work closely with and maintain a relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department in their efforts to rid of nuisance and criminal behaviors that some property locations attract. Their services brings a peace of mind to all of our management staff.
– Mike Walsko, Sherman Associates

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