Standard Security Services

Through our Standard Security Services, Central Protective Services can provide our clients with the best-uniformed security available. Our officers our placed at the job site in either a soft-line uniform or the traditional “Police Style” uniform equipped with the necessary tools to perform their duties.

The uniform security officer provides a visual deterrent to crime simply by the presence of the officer. Central Protective Services prides itself on the professionalism and appearance of all our officers. A suspect will less likely commit a crime in the presence of a security officer that is more equipped and who’s uniform is crisp and professional rather than a “guard” who does not appear to be professional at all. With Central Protective Services, our clients receive the highest level of professionalism you can find in the security industry.

Our Officers are trained to stop and apprehend suspects who are threatening the safety of others and the property of the clients. If the need arises for additional help, our officers can summon other officers and supervisors through our dispatch communication services. Officers can also summon the local police for additional assistance. This gives our clients a worry free environment.

Our society is changing rapidly; sometimes it is necessary to employ a more stern security option. Central Protective Services can provide clients with the necessary means to deter crime before it starts.



Achieve Peace of Mind

A multitude of security solutions are available with Central Protective Services. Let us find a custom solution for your safety needs.